Design Charrettes

Urban Permaculture Design Solutions 

In a transformational, multi-day session in 2013, Pemaculture Design Certificate (PDC) graduates came together to generate resilient and community-orientated ideas for the revitalization of a section of the historic Franklin downtown, which is presently underutilized. Professional permaculture planners, designers, and educators guided the effort through a design charrette. The charrette process blended the broad experience of PDC graduates with local citizens’ detailed knowledge of their community to produce a conceptual plan, which applies permaculture ethics and principles. Through a unique site analysis process, participants identified regenerative solutions to address present issues with storm water, urban biodiversity and habitat loss, and the lack of outdoor, community gathering spaces. This collaborative effort builds on the Plan NH work, which was done in 2006. 

Franklin Falls at Odell Park

The vision and design for Franklin Falls at Odell Park, outlines in [this report]( includes: community gathering spaces, multi-use access, circulation, and connections, offices and workspace that supports a creative economy, Small scale food hub including a farmers market and restaurant, educational establishments, gardens and landscapes that support biodiversity.

“Franklin Falls at Odell Park is a unique and special place that is
grounded in geology and the premise that “form follows function.” The vision and design for Franklin Falls at Odell Park is a reflection of the creative, independent lifestyle the community has embraced since its beginnings. In the hands of the community, the vision and design will take form and be another important transition where the people and the land of Franklin thrive yet again."

Franklin Falls Historic District Revitalization Design Charrette by Plan NH 

On June 16 and 17, 2006, the Plan NH,  a professional association established to create a forum to bring together those focused on the built environment and interested in community development Charrette, met with City of Franklin Officials, the Franklin Business & Industrial Development Corporation (FBIDC) and a small group of residents and property owners from within the Franklin Falls Historic District. The team held listening sessions which were essential for the development of the project vision, the formulation of ideas and recommendations, and community consensus building for the future implementation. The concepts and ideas outlined in this booklet will set the framework to re-establish the downtown as the center of activity for the City.

The Franklin Proposal
“A plan that realistically addresses all the interrelated elements would provide the impetus for City government, residents and property owners to work together. Working together, using an inspired design, the stage would be set to revitalize Franklin’s aging Main Street and spur new economic vitality. The projected outcome would be a shared vision for Franklin’s future, the rallying point on which further revitalization progresses, galvanizing the community in a positive manner."