• Revitalization of N.H. Mill Town Takes Unusual Ideas

    Posted on Feb 15, 2015

    The key to revitalization efforts in Franklin is permaculture according to Todd Workman. Eyes widened as Workman made his pitch. He wants to bring ecologically balanced development to Franklin, create a circular economy where one business’s output was another’s input, and he wants Franklin to be a small-scale model of sustainability.

  • Franklin Property Owner Leads Ambitious Effort to Remake Struggling City into Permaculture Destination

    Posted on Dec 28, 2014

    Picture a city with just the right balance of commercial businesses downtown – some naturopathic medical practices, some retail, some offices and restaurants. There’s green space within walking distance, and housing designed to encourage lots of generations to mingle.

  • Permaculture: A Way Forward for Franklin?

    Posted on Dec 28, 2014

    A permaculture charette Workman organized in 2011 described the downtown Franklin of the future as “a unique and special place that is grounded in geology and the premise that ‘form follows function.’ ”