Diverse projects for the betterment of Franklin, both planned and ongoing.

Strategic and Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan

Located on the Winnipesaukee River, enabling whitewater kayakers, surfers, and stand up paddleboarders to utilize our river year round. Learn More

Interconnection of over 10 biking sites and over 134 miles of trail systems. Learn More


Block Buildings

The Shepard Block - 361 Central Street & Auerbach Block- 355 Central Street are two adjacent historic block buildings that collectively houses five new businesses and a loft apartment. Learn More

Arts, culture and entertainment is vital for the vibrancy of any downtown. So far, PermaCityLife has succeed to bring in art to our downtown via pop-up art galleries. Learn More

Buell’s Block is a cornerstone historic building in Franklin offering the most visibility for anyone passing through Franklin. It currently houses two businesses and 3 residential units with room for expansion. We hope to condominiumize all these units, allowing the renters to have a chance to own their units in the future. Learn More

Focus On Environmentalism

Our vision is to create a model for cities to become more self-reliant and to transition away from their dependence on fossil fuels. The hope is to pioneer a new approach to building a collaborative and resilient downtown using the principles of permaculture to differentiate how we derive our livelihood, food supply, transportation, energy, shelter, culture, and sense of community. Learn More

The idea of “produce no waste” from the Permaculture Principles should be fully realized in the downtown and the whole of Franklin in order to limit the items sent to the incinerator, and to create an atmosphere of reduction and reuse, rather than disposal and desire for new things.

Plans include creating a pocket park and green space with edible landscapes at the intersection of Central Street and Church street, remove concrete jersey barriers and implement tree box filters for stormwater management, and create a neckdown intersection towards City Hall. Learn More


Reactivating Vacant Buildings

We helped bring a wide array of new businesses to downtown Franklin. Learn More

We've been provided with tax-credits to sell, with proceeds going towards the renovation and improvement of downtown facades. Learn More

Formerly home to Franklin Light and Power Company, CATCH Neighborhood Housing will transform this Riverbend Mill to create housing in a setting that is a walkable community -- important for the residents and a vibrant community. Learn More