Jekyll and Hydes Art Block

           Arts, culture and entertainment is vital for the vibrancy of any downtown. So far, PermaCityLife has succeed to bring in art to our downtown via pop-up art galleries. However, we need something more permanent to anchor these social and cultural activities. We have identified two buildings from our real estate holdings, 337 Central Street and 20 Church Street to form the Arts, Culture and Entertainment Block for downtown Franklin.  

           337 Central St. will feature the art gallery with an eatery on the first floor. The second floor will include a bar, and a rooftop garden. After renovations, this space will flow right into 20 Church St, which will be the primary performing arts and music venue with a recording studio. An innovative business model will be applied to this block whereby the artists work collaboratively to manage the art gallery, music venue and the eateries that would create financial viability to them to prosper.

           This block also provides a unique opportunity for an alley project. "Greening and activating" alleys is a way of reclaiming neglected city infrastructure, with special focus on place-making, pedestrian benefit, and environmental stewardship. We hope to reactivate this alley that connects Central Street with River Street through vital improvements like walkways, art, plantings, and benches.  

           Community members have come together to open a pop-up bookstore and art gallery in this building for Summer 2017.