Mill City Park

           Mill City Park has a vision to use the Winnipesaukee River in an effort to breath new life into Franklin’s downtown. It is believed that Franklin must come full circle with their mills and factory buildings lining the riverbanks, from the ruins they will rise. 

           PermaCityLife and Mill City Park  have teamed up to sustainability clean up the city’s rivers that are infested with foundation remnants, rebar, and fragments of old dams. The duo plans to bring the Winnipesaukee River closer to its natural flow allowing for more recreational opportunities on the river. Mill City Park plans to take a city-owned parcel of land and create New England’s first whitewater park. The park will include: a mountain bike pump track, a community garden, and an ecovillage. It will also be positions within walking distance of Franklin’s downtown. 

           An economic impact analysis was completed with the assistance of the NH Department of Resources and Economic Development which estimates over $6.83 million in new visitor spending with an associated indirect and induced spending of $4.68 million as a result of the project. The operation and supporting amenities of the whitewater park will act in a similar manner to a ski resort. This project will help to create an intentional, sustainable environment within Franklin and it will assist in stimulating Franklin’s local economy.