Outdoor New England

As the smallest city in New Hampshire, and part of a large revitalization effort, Franklin is located at the center of an east-west travel corridor for the Lakes Region and a major north-south route, Interstate 93, connecting Boston to the White Mountains. Each year millions of people pass Franklin on their way to a variety of outdoor recreational activities: boating, fishing, hiking, biking, climbing, paddling, and site-seeing. However, Franklin is only known as an outdoor destination by whitewater enthusiasts.

A proven strategy for driving economic growth is to build on the city’s existing outdoor infrastructure. Franklin — the nearest reliable whitewater to Boston — has a long history with regional whitewater enthusiasts and receives positive media attention with the annual First Day Franklin, hosted by Choose Franklin in collaboration with the Merrimack Valley Paddlers.

This strategy has been implemented several times in Colorado where Buena Vista, Golden, Steamboat Springs, and Vail have used whitewater kayaking and rafting to drive regional economic growth. Buena Vista, much like Franklin, engaged whitewater enthusiasts to power through an extensive city revitalization project.

Outdoor New England (ONE) is intended to be a sporting goods retail store, instructional center and place to rent equipment all in one with a focus on recreation, education, environment and economy. ONE promotes accomplishment, confidence, pride, environmental attachment & community through various educational & recreational programs aimed at introducing & safely teaching alternative outdoor sports

As a society we share pictures of our dinners, selfies with our pets, and an endless amount of sunset pictures. We aren’t bashing it, we get it, we do it too. At ONE, we truly believe in living in our bodies and getting outside. We are passionate about activities that promote flow moments, a moment in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. Whether you are biking, paddling, climbing, camping or just for a walk in nature we can help you be equipped and ready for your adventure!