Westerly Bookend Entrance

           PermaCityLife owns two multi-family residential buildings in downtown at 321 and 325 Central Street. PermaCityLife is currently incubating a business, LifeWalk Counseling and Training Center, that offers mental health counselling services. LifeWalk also offers students with their Masters degree in counselling with a 2500 hour training program to become a licensed counselor. As this programs grows to have 24 students enrolled in their curriculum, we hope to provide student housing for the young professionals.

           In Fall 2015, students of Colby-Sawyer’s Urban Permaculture course explored sustainable living systems from the perspective of urban environments, and included the application of Permaculture principles to food production, the built environment, energy conservation and generation, and social systems. Their final design features techniques to address the storm-water issues, and well as enhancing the access to vegetation.  Plans include creating a pocket park and green space with edible landscapes at the intersection of Central Street and Church Street, remove concrete jersey barriers and implement tree box filters for storm-water management, and create a neck-down intersection towards City Hall.