Why PermaCity?

PermaCityLife = "Permaculture City"


Our non-profit, PermaCityLife hopes make Franklin as model for sustainable community development that can be replicated in other locales. Using the principles of permaculture, we hope to pioneer a new approach to building a collaborative and resilient downtown to differentiate how we derive our livelihood, food supply, transportation, energy, shelter, culture, and sense of community. . We hope to stimulate the local economy, and encourage new businesses to take up roots within the downtown.


PermaCityLife has assisted in bringing multiple businesses into Franklin’s downtown, creating opportunities to learn new skills, and more. Stability and resiliency is being brought to the local economy. Dynamic living and working opportunities are being provided to residents of Franklin in a way that supports multigenerational and diverse populations. The hope is to make the economic income within the city better and more resilient, than when the industrial mills were in operation.
PermaCityLife recognizes the city of Franklin’s historic past among the land and along the rivers. We are working towards regenerating and sustaining biological diversity within the community. We will continue to support the health of all living things within Franklin including plants, animals, land and more.
PermaCityLife recognizes that the human community is embedded within a larger natural community and that the people in this area have a deep relationship and connection with the land and natural heritage. We hope to foster renewed connections to history and all the people who have called this place home and establishes a clear sense of identity, place and community